Saturday, February 4, 2012

3.17.1--Decisions Made

Dasia graduates as class Valedictorian and is voted most likely to be a rock star - in memoriam of her awesome air guitar skills.  Dasia laughed when given the award, but made sure to let everyone know that it's not the career she wants to enter.  Although, when asked what her future holds she simply shrugged in response.  She's too young to think of tomorrow; it's better to live in the now.

She and Duncan meet up later that night at the local tavern to celebrate.  All they had time for during the ceremony was a hasty hug and quick congratulations before being pulled apart by their families for pictures; so Dasia was glad for the opportunity to just be alone for a little while with her best friend.

As soon as Dasia enters the bar, Duncan isn't sure how to conduct himself - especially when she's dressed like that. "You look - uh, wow." He frowns as he inspects his own clothing. "I'm under-dressed, aren't I?"

"No, no." Dasia laughs. "Lizzie bought me this getup as a graduation present and insisted I wear it tonight to break it in before we go clubbing." She pouts, pulling at bottom section of the fabric in a failed attempt to cover more of her legs. "I don't think she realizes that it's going to be impossible to dance and still remain marginally modest in this dress - or lack thereof." 

Duncan smiles nervously.  "I think that it looks great on you, 'Sia.  It - um, accentuates the right parts."

"You always have a way with words." She laughs. "Let's get some drinks before this conversation delves into irrevocably awkward territory."

Duncan nods in response and when Dasia turns toward the bar to get their drinks, he lets his smile falter.  She doesn't want anything more than friendship, he chides. Stop embarrassing yourself.  When she returns, Duncan immediately downs his drink - letting it flow through his body heavily and drown out his thoughts.

"You okay?"

"Fine." He smiles. "Just ready to celebrate moving on."

Dasia quirks her brow, but doesn't ask any questions. "Right. To moving on." She raises her glass in a toast, before chugging hers as well.

Their first night drinking is a success of sorts (no one threw up or danced on any tables at least) and they return to Dasia's house exhausted, but full of adrenaline.

"Are you gun' be okay?" Duncan slurs, stumbling into the door frame.

Dasia smirks as he slips and closes her eyes against the slowly revolving room. "I'll be fiiinnneee.  I'm at home, 'member?"

"Oh right." Duncan looks around the room as if he's just now realizing they're no longer in the bar, then ambles toward the door. "This i'nt my house.  I should go home an' sleep this off." He mutters.

Dasia grabs his arm and pulls him back, causing them both to stumble into each other.  They laugh loudly at the sudden collision. "Shh!" She puts her hand over his mouth. "I drunk enough to know I'll be embarrassssss if my parents find us.  An' you should stay here." She points towards the guest room. "We have a bed an' effrythin'."  She can feel his mouth smiling under her hand and she blushes at the closeness of their bodies. "C'mon," Dasia says, separating herself from him; "I'll show you."

They both stumble awkwardly toward the guest room, conveniently located in the garage.  Duncan smiles as soon as he enters the room and Dasia expects him to point out the lack of - well, everything really.  But instead, Duncan heads straight for the bed.

And when they both realize they aren't tired, Duncan convinces Dasia to join him on said bed to talk until the adrenaline rush wears off.  Then I'll retire to my own room - she decides, that's the responsible thing to do.

Dasia, even in her compromised state, knows that entering anything physical will be a major mistake.  She's never envisioned Duncan as more than a friend, and was sure that she made her view of him indirectly clear.  However, the combination of the alcohol coursing through her veins and the way he stares at her, the way he always stares at her, bury her reservations and make her give in.  

As they fumble in the dark, Dasia lets the moment cloud her judgment further - she should stop this, but she can't.  The guilt can be dealt with later.    

The Family Tree is officially updated if anyone is truly interested; but it does contain spoilers.  Just sayin'.

Short chapter, but the next couple will be the end of generation 3 and official start of generation 4.  YESSS!


  1. Aww...finally. I hope Dasia doesn't crush him!
    I love how awkward and shy Duncan is about romance. Kind of like Alistair, lol.

  2. I have to say, your ability to make your characters actually sound intoxicated in my head is awesome. Am glad you are back. I really, really hope that this won't make things even more awkward/worse between them.

    1. Haha - quite a skill I've got there. Writing drunk conversations is my specialty (which by no means implies I'm a drunkard - eeep). And thanks!

  3. I just love the mental image of Duncan talking with Dasia's hand over his mouth.

    But hey, they've got great genes so it would've been a crime for them to not have babies together. (Or at least A baby together)

  4. Oh boy....I don't know who's gonna feel worse tomorrow, I sure hope Dasia goes easy on him...poor duncan!

  5. Yeah, I agree with Klev. Poor Duncan. I hope Dasia doesn't break his heart!