Thursday, February 16, 2012

4.4.2--Trouble in Paradise

Dasia takes it upon herself to redecorate the spare room into an exercise lair for Ellis.  After all, everyone else has their own space - so why shouldn't she?

Despite the retina burning color, Ellis loves her new exercise room.  Shedding a few baby weight pounds was her goal in the beginning, but exercising has since transformed into her "alone" time.

Her alone time isn't always relaxing.

Logan spends his time alone in a completely different manner.  Talking to yourself is totally normal - right?

Lachlan and the downstairs bathtub have a love/hate relationship, as of late.  This is his third time breaking it this week; he wishes he had a younger sibling, or someone else in general, to blame it on to save himself the embarrassment of telling his mother that it's broken... again.

Ellis can tell that Logan is growing restless the longer he is in Meadow Glen.  He often leaves the house just to get out for a while and returns clearly unsatisfied with his short trip.  

"You don't have to stay."  Ellis offers.  "We'll both be fine."

Logan frowns.  "Am I that obvious?"

"A little, yes.  If this is too much for you -"

Logan looks at his son in his crib and shakes his head.  "I'm just not sure I'm ready for this.  Any of this." He says, holding his hands up and looking desperately around the room. 

Ellis grimaces.  "If you're not ready, then maybe you should go.  I don't want Harlan to be exposed to a father that isn't going to be there."

"That's not what I meant."

"Yes, it is."

"I want to be apart of his life, Ell."  Logan says, angrily.  "I just can't stay here any longer.  I'm getting claustrophobic and, I don't know, too settled."

Ellis isn't sure what to say to that.  She doesn't particularly like that Logan is referring to their son as if he's a chore or a setback - but she also doesn't want to start a fight.  "You need to make up your mind."  Is all she manages to say before giving Harlan a kiss goodnight and leaving the room.

Lachlan gets a call from his father, as he does every couple of days when he can't visit.  Duncan has since been promoted to a Fighter Pilot position within the military and has to spend most of his weekdays at the base either practicing or training others.  He misses being able to see his son as often as he did when he was just starting out, but the phone calls are nice too.  Lucky for him, Lachlan is still at the age where he actually likes to speak with his parents, although that won't be the case for very long.  Once he's a teenager, well... Duncan and Dasia will cross that bridge when they get to it.

The night before Harlan's birthday, a burglar, an amateur no doubt, attempts to rob the Harris household.  Surprisingly, Ellis is the first to respond.  She isn't entirely sure if it is her recent exercising or the chance to work off the frustration she's been experiencing with Logan, but she comes out victorious. 

Logan, on the other hand, just can't handle all of this violence. 

Harlan's birthday!

There's no denying he's his father's son.  Traits: Genius, Light Sleeper.

True to his word, Logan is still here - although he's already packed his bags in anticipation of hitting the road again.  He's had business call after business call during his long stay and can't ignore them any longer, nor can he stay in this little town playing family.  He needs to go, and soon.

So he spends the next couple of days with his child, before calling the taxi and getting the hell out of there.

"Will you be okay without me?"  Logan asks.  He knows the answer, but he feels obligated to ask the question anyway.

"Yes.  Harlan and I will be okay."

"I'll call and visit when I can."  He promises, looking at his son.  Harlan has grown so much during his stay and will grow even more while he's gone.  A sense of guilt rushes through him when he realizes he feels relieved that he gets to leave; that he doesn't have to be there.  He has an out.

"Don't make empty promises."  Ellis chides.  "This isn't a fling like you had with me, this is your child."

Logan frowns. "I'll call and visit when I can."  He repeats.

Ellis releases a frustrated sigh and nods.  "Be safe, Logan."

He smiles briefly and waves at his son, giving him a quick peck on the cheek...

...and then leaves for his taxi.

Once he's gone, Ellis hugs her son close.  "Logan better not let us down." She whispers.

I'm not going to lie - it's really strange writing contrasting father experiences for Lachlan and Harlan.  I mean, Duncan is the model father and is always there when he can be... and then there's Logan; gallivanting around who knows where, doing who know's what, with Watcher knows who (and I do!) - and I think you can see where this is going. <--I think this is what heaven was responding to; man I'm slow.  Probably not the best wording on my part - what I meant was, I've written Duncan and Logan as two completely different people/father's and it's difficult for me to not only keep track of whose father I'm talking about and when, but to be able to expand two children's perspectives fully without feeling like I'm skipping something important.  Bleh - I'm tired. 'Tis nap time, I say!

Harlan is seriously so adorable.  I can't wait for everyone to see the little butt chin he develops later on (thanks to Logan).


  1. Maybe it's because I've not had coffee yet but I don't see where this is going. Oh well, I shall figure it out later.

    1. If you mean the chapter in general, it's just sort of a filler to explain Logan's leaving. If you mean Logan's story, well - to be honest, I'm still working that one out. Ellis' single roll is still throwing me for a loop.

    2. Oh! I thought there was some grand scheme/design that I was overlooking/too slow to pick up on.

    3. Haha - nope. Logan is just Logan; although I did have something planned before his glitchiness went and messed it up. :(

  2. Glitches mess everything up. Best you can do is roll with the punches (like Ellis' ability to walk through walls)

    Harlan's a lil cutie and I can't wait to see his butt chin. Oh and poor Ellis < / 3. Logan's an ass.

  3. Logan's an idiot! Ellis & Harlan are better off without him

  4. Logan is an ass and gives Harlan a butt chin...... Klev raises an eyebrow.

    I think your doing a mighty good job at the opposites of fatherhood!

  5. Aww, sad. Poor Ellis. Logan, you suck. *angry face*