Sunday, October 9, 2011

A Very Short Introduction

I just thought I would do a tiny re-cap/introduction to get Harper properly set up and to formally introduce Generation Three (technically Generation One). Onwards!

After the disappearance of her sister Adamaris, Harper's family life was hectic.  Her mother (Olive) had an emotional breakdown that often took up most of her father's (Feng) attention.  Because of this, Harper was alone most of the time and learned how to take care of herself.  When Feng could no longer juggle his attention between his daughter, wife, and work; he offered to allow Harper to take a "short" vacation to her Uncle Corrigan's house in Ann Arbor.  Both Corrigan and Harper readily agreed, and that is where she remained for the summer before her freshman year of High School.  When she received a call after her summer break from her mother asking her to come with them to Shang Simla, where her father had been offered a position, Harper immediately asked her Uncle if she could remain with him.  She had experienced a stable, quiet life in Ann Arbor; so going back to the emotionally chaotic environment that her parents created didn't appeal to her.  Plus, being around her parents reminded her of her sister and she wanted nothing more than to move on; even if that required a separation from them.  Eventually, it was decided that this was the best option for Harper so long as she maintained her grades and kept in contact with her parents.  And this is where her story begins...

Corrigan Dennis didn't experience the familial issues that Harper did, and was not present during the upheaval that Adamaris' (the niece he was the closest with) disappearance.  When he heard the news he immediately returned home to check on Olive, but eventually had to return to University in France to finish his last year. He called Olive and Feng from time to time offering his aid, but both insisted that he get on with his life... so he did.  He eventually moved to Ann Arbor with his old dorm buddy, Cedric Harris.  A little over a year later, his teenage niece (Harper) would be sent for a visit, which would turn into a permanent stay.  Corrigan didn't mind; he loved his niece and having Harper close made him feel like a piece of Adamaris was there with him as well.  He just hoped that their tiny, squalid apartment would be suitable for three people instead of just two.

Cedric Harris had always been a bit of an oddball; which would eventually lead him to meeting, befriending, and moving in with the equally insane Corrigan Dennis.  They met in France during Corrigan's Junior Year of College and hit it off immediately, despite the fact that Cedric was just a Freshman at the time.  They decided that they both didn't care for their roommates and propositioned a dorm swap (which both Cedric and Corrigan's roommates readily agreed to as they weren't too fond of them either).  In the middle of his Freshman year, Cedric dropped out of College; hoping to instead become a fireman.  When Corrigan finally graduated, he asked Cedric to come with him to Ann Arbor as the likelihood of him finding a job as a fireman in France was slim.  So, Cedric moved with his best friend to foggy Ann Arbor and immediately found the job he had been hoping for.  When Harper eventually moved in, Cedric offered to leave to free up some space; but Corrigan wouldn't have it.  So now the three of them live in a cramped apartment, constantly bumping elbows.  To Cedric, it was just another opportunity to create some excitement in his life.

A View of the Apartment...
Harper's "room."  It's actually just a corner of the living room sectioned off with a divider, and a nice little desk to give the illusion that she actually has a space of her own.  She really doesn't.

The rest of the living room.  The only person that really uses this is Cedric, who often exercises in here... and wakes up Harper early in the morning (or late at night) with his odd workout hours. 

The outside patio/dining area.  They didn't have room for a table inside, so they got one outside.  Whether inside or out, they rarely use it.

The boys' room.  I ran out of funds when decorating the house, so their room is the least decorated.  It's just for sleeping and woohoo'ing anyway... no need for decor, right? Right?!

A bird's-eye-view of the apartment.  It's pretty small, but they make do.

Aaaand, if you take a gander in the kitchen, you'll see the routing mess that I run into on many occasions.  Corrigan is demonstrating for us the setbacks of confined spaces filled with sims.  I coined it "the awkward shuffle."

Just for funsies, here is Harper doing what she does best... being alone.

That's all folks! Next Chapter will be a real one; I promise.
**The first two generations of this legacy can be read >>HERE<< You can also find the link in the nifty sidebar.

I am going to be judging a contest coming up; so I most likely will be spreading my Chapters out every two weeks (as I still have school as well).  Hopefully, I'll be more structured with publishing than I was with the Dennis's, but knowing me I highly doubt it. : )  Me and planning (and schedules) just do not get a long.
>>HERE<< is the contest in case anyone is super-uber curious.


  1. The "awkward shuffle" for little Snuffle. Lol, I like it. I like your apartment too. Big yay for Anne Arbor. I love that world.

    Olive and Feng make me sad, but I'm glad Corrigan is letting Harper stay with them. The background story for your new legacy is awesome, although sad. I'm really looking forward to reading it!

  2. I am so downloading Ann Arbor now.... Love the apartment :P

  3. Ann Arbor is seriously gorgeous and amazingly set-up. You definitely will not be disappointed. ; )

  4. Yay, great start!
    It's so great see Corrigan again, and I'm looking forward to seeing Harper's legacy get going. :D