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Harper spends the next week doing everything in her power to forget the conversation she had with Uther. Adamaris being "alive" is a dream come true, for sure, but also a dangerous set up for depression if it turns out to be false.  Besides that, Uther isn't necessarily someone Harper feels she can trust just yet.  So instead, she occupies her time by doing the mundane...

She gets a makeover...

...takes a job at the local bookstore at the insistence of her school counselor (who expressed worry over Harper's anti-social tendencies.  It was either this or an after school club;  and Harper chose the option that would pay her to be around people she despised).

She even "borrows" (i.e. steals) the shitty novels from her job, hoping that it will distract her wandering thoughts...

...but it is to no avail.  Harper knows what she needs to do, it's only a matter of persuading herself to take that next step.

This is her "stop taking so many damn pictures of me!" look. IT'S LIKE SHE KNOWS!

Corrigan isn't home very often as of late, and despite their increasing worry over his prolonged absences, Cedric and Harper find themselves growing closer.  Harper, even though pretending to be annoyed with his constant company, begins to notice her fondness for Cedric... which severely hinders her ability to be comfortable around him.  A friend she can handle, but a crush is something entirely different.

"You did something with your hair. I can't quite pinpoint it though."

Harper scoffs. "Dyed it, perhaps? It is a completely different color, you know."

Cedric smiles slyly. "Huh. Didn't notice. You'll certainly have all the boys fawning over you once they see your new 'do.  I'm tempted to go with you on Monday to make sure they don't make any moves on my Harper."

The way Cedric refers to her as "his" Harper would normally have sparked a feminist rant from her, but at that moment it sounds lovely.  Harper finds it increasingly difficult to keep her guard up around him. 

Cedric feigns ignorance of this fact, but he knows he's slowly eroding the walls she built around herself.  It was only a matter of time before he wouldn't have to act like a total buffoon just to get to know her a little better than he did before.

Across town, Corrigan is spending time with Vittoria.  Vittoria knows she can't step into the Dennis' apartment without sparking further suspicion (and possible intervention) from Uther, so she lures Corrigan to her place for the time being.  

The more time he spends with her, the more she is able to increase her control over him; the more she can exert her will, the quicker she can get her revenge and leave this stinking town.  It's all a matter of playing coy and biding her time, two things that Vittoria has still not perfected over the years.  At this point, she's willing to provoke a fight if it means she can get her revenge and move on.  Vittoria is getting desperate, and it's beginning to show.

As Vittoria suspected, Uther sends his companions to watch the Dennis household closely.  Any sign of Vittoria and Uther will know about it.  

The other Umbria's, particularly Dellayna, don't care for their new duty nor do they care for the ones they are sworn to protect; but stopping vampires like Vittoria who jeopardize everyone's  safety by living openly and killing indiscriminately is of the utmost importance.  Dellayna was alive during the last big vampire hunt centuries ago that nearly wiped out their kind entirely, and she would rather not experience that again.  It is common knowledge among the fractured clans that their numbers are simply too few and their weaknesses too strong to win a war against the mortals.  No; it's simpler and safer to live in hiding.

The next week marks Corrigan's birthday.  Cedric and Harper planned to not see him that day, but he surprises them by throwing a mini-birthday party at the apartment.

Lookin' fine, Mr. Snuffle.

Harper and Cedric are excited...

...that is, until she shows up.  Harper gasps as soon as Vittoria enters the room.  She recognizes those eyes, those teeth... that eerie grin.

The way Corrigan immediately follows her lead makes Harper cringe and suddenly remember the warning that Uther had given her weeks before.

"Watch your Uncle intently, Harper."

Watch him.  The one warning Uther had given her, the one he had taken the time to turn back and tell her, Harper had dismissed.  And as she slips out the back door, unnoticed by her smitten Uncle and eerie guest, Cedric simply gives her a nod as if he understands the sudden need to leave the room.  

Harper walks cautiously to the small park where she first met the strange boy. "He said if I was ready to talk, he would come to me.  What do I do, blow a fucking whistle or something?" Harper mutters impatiently.

As if on cue, Uther is suddenly there. "No, you don't need a whistle." He says grinning. "I take it you are ready to discuss your sister?"

Harper nods nervously. "And that woman that my Uncle is dating.  She's one of you, isn't she?"

"Unfortunately for your Uncle, yes.  She is one of my kind... but we cannot discuss this in the open.  Are you comfortable continuing this conversation at my house?"

Harper isn't comfortable, but she agrees and follows him to his residence; all the while wondering why life keeps throwing her the most ridiculous curve balls.
I had to move Harper and company to a new house because the apartment was beginning to glitch itself to hell, but I couldn't fit the move in plot-wise as they will be moving (yet again) to Meadow Glen soon... so just pretend they are still in the apartment. Also, I preemptively apologize for the rush job on the next couple of chapters; the lag in Anne Arbor is unbearable, which is making picture taking a grade-a hassle. :rolls eyes: These glitches are going to give yours truly a hernia the size of France at this rate.

BTW: I totally lied last Chapter. The next Chapter will focus on the Umbria's and Adamaris.  I promise.

Anywho... here be the updates!
--Corrigan is at Level 3 of his Business Career: Report Processor
--Cedric is at Level 6 in the Fireman Career: Fire Sergeant
--Harper and Cedric adopted a cat, but due to the fact that Twallan's Porter borks pets when they are moved, I had to cut his portions in the story.

Here's a short montage of Persilius Maximus Esquire III; in memory of his awesome-ness. He will be missed.

I absolutely had to change my blog template as that orange was killing my retinas.  Hopefully this one is less eye-damaging/headache-inducing. 



  1. Kitteh! so cute! *squee*

    Okay, so, back to the story *tries not to be distracted by Cute Kitteh!*

    Great chapter. I really can't wait to hear what Uther has to tell Harper.
    And, my inner hopeless romantic swoons at the blossoming Cedric/Harper romance.

    I hear you on the horror of getting pictures when the game is lagging. I'm so glad I moved, it's much better now.

  2. Persilius Maximus Esquire III has the coolest name EVER! Mind if I name my next heir that? Lol, jk. Seriously though, he's adorable! <3 kittens

    I am loving the story! And I agree. Cedric and Harper are ridiculously adorable. I'm looking forward to seeing that play out. Also, I want to see more Adamaris! Your plot gets more and more interesting every chapter.

    Lag sucks. It's as simple as that. I was in Anne Arbor too (as you know) and the lag became absolutely unbearable after pets. I applaud you for sticking it out though to get a few more pictures. You're a much hardier soul than I, lol.