Sunday, October 16, 2011

3.3--A Fateful Meeting

Vittoria despises everything about her situation as of late.  This is supposed to be easy, quick, but Uther has beat her to the Dennis' location and is most likely already plotting against her.  The only thing keeping her safe at this point is their need for secrecy, and her budding relationship with the boy.  He wouldn't risk exposing those pitiful meat-bags to any danger, nor would he jeopardize the relative anonymity that vampires have "enjoyed" for centuries.

Vittoria scoffs. "Why should we be hiding in the dark? It should be those pathetic mortals who quiver in fear of us."

She frowns as she throws away her plasma juice; the ridiculous blood imitation invented by a few phobic vampires that was to keep them from revealing their true nature, their true thirst. "The sooner I get my revenge, the better." A small smile plays upon her lips. "I should call Corrigan."

Across town, Harper is annoyed with her "stalker." She just wants to revel in being alone, but this boy's presence is ruining it. So she does what any sane person would do and confronts him directly.  Harper turns around abruptly, hoping to catch him off-guard, but he stands there as if he expects the sudden attention.  As he begins to move toward her, she instantly regrets her decision.

"I apparently have not been hiding myself as well as I thought." He says, letting a smile creep across his face. Harper backs away when she notices his probing eyes and toothy grin.

"No, you haven't.  And I would appreciate it if you stopped following me."

"You seem to be alone quite often." He lets his eyes wander over the expanse of the park, as if emphasizing the emptiness and lack of people.  Harper shudders slightly, suddenly aware of the emptiness as well.

"I am not particularly fond of other people's company, and that extends to you."

The boy laughs into the night. "You are afraid, yet you still fight me.  I'm used to mortals running, not standing their ground. You are certainly a strange one.  Although, Adamaris did say as much."

At the mere mention of her sister's name, Harper's anger flares. "Look, I don't know who you are or what you are getting at, but my sister is dead you insensitive fuck. I don't think she will be saying much of anything at this point."

The boy shrugs his shoulders apologetically and then makes his way to a bench a few feet away to allow Harper some breathing space.  When Harper calms a bit, he continues. "Technically speaking, you are correct.  She is dead, but still among the living."

Harper quirked a brow; this boy obviously has some issues. "Great. So you're insensitive and insane. And I'm alone in an almost entirely deserted park with you... just my fucking luck."

The boy sits back on the bench comfortably, giving Harper that toothy grin that sends shivers down her spine. "My name is Uther and I have been sent here as your guardian, but this conversation cannot continue in the open. When you are ready, say so and I will be there to tell you everything." Uther gets up to leave and is a few strides from being completely out of sight, before he suddenly turns back. "Watch your Uncle intently, Harper. I can only get so close without raising suspicion." 

Before Harper can ask any questions, he disappears into the night; leaving her reeling. As she makes her way home, mumbling to herself that she must be going crazy, Uther follows at a distance silently hoping that telling her the truth is not going to work against him later.
**I apologize for the extremely short Chapter; the next one will cover a lot more. : )

It's a friggin' early Christmas miracle! Cedric's co-workers are actually doing something productive. : /
As soon as Cedric went to join them, they all filtered out (at the same time) like he was a social pariah. *shrug* Cedric doesn't need them.

If it isn't obvious, Adamaris' disappearance was supposed to be my introduction of vampires into the story. The plot was much more dragged out and planned better with the Dennis', so I'm hoping that by tweaking it as I go I can at least create a plot that is somewhat as involved.  It's proving difficult though.
Buckley: You still have my full permission to do whatever you please with Mar. : )

--SP made Vittoria and Uther enemies, which is absolutely perfect! Me and SP still have a love/hate relationship though.
--Cedric reached Level 5 of his career; he is officially a Fireman. WOOT!

The next chapter will be focus mostly on the history of the Umbria's and how Adamaris ties into all of this.  As in, here comes another conversation-heavy chapter. *facepalm* 


  1. Cool, I love the plot you are building here.
    And I love conversation heavy chapters, so bring it on!

  2. I'm glad you like it. ;) It's definitely proving a challenge.

    I'm also happy you like the conversation heaviness that I seem to fall victim to on many occasions. I knew I was wordy, but cheese and rice can I go overboard. LOL.

  3. Bah that wasn't short at all! : P

    I agree with Melissa, I'm really enjoying your plot and I can't wait to see where you're going with it!

  4. Haha... it's short for me. I usually go on and on and on and... I think you catch my drift. I'm wordy, 'nuff said.

    I'm happy you enjoy the plot so far. ; )

  5. Ooh, can't wait to find out what happened with Adamaris!

  6. Oh man! I totally did NOT see that coming! Wow. I am absolutely loving this story, and I can't wait for the conversation heavy chapter(s) to come! I like wordiness, btw, and you are an excellent writer. So the more words, the better. :)

    I'm glad I can still use Ada, cause I love her and she's beautiful. <3 I haven't decided what to do with her yet, but she's on my short list. Thank you (again) for uploading her!

  7. You're welcome Buckley. I hope she has a happier life in your legacy than what I have planned for her. ; )

    Also glad that it was a surprise. It's what I was banking on, but I'm not very good with plot twists. *shrug*

  8. Oh dear lordy. . . . whatever will be will be

  9. Yaaay, Ada isn't dead! *happy dance*

    1. I love Ada too much to just kill her (sort of). :D

      Thanks for reading/commenting! They make my day. Seriously.