Just a quick note:  You may do anything you wish with my sims, but please, please, please do not upload them anywhere without my permission and please, please, please give credit where it's due if you use them publicly.  Other than that, they are yours to exploit.  : )
--All spares (non-heirs) can be downloaded >>HERE<<
--I'll be leaving the download link for all Legacy heirs here.  All sims are packaged without CC, so if you want them to look exactly how they look in my legacy (or if you wish to edit their features) I suggest you download these items:
  1. Moonlight Default Skin from GoS: >>FACE<<>>BODY<<
  2. Bella3lek4 (aka Ahmad) facial sliders
  3. Jonha's body sliders

 Generations One and Two

                                     Generation Three
Traits: Artistic, Loner, Loves the Outdoors, Perfectionist, Virtuoso
Favorites: Cookies, Roots, Green
Sign: Scorpio
LTW: Hit-Movie Composer

Generation Roll:
Marital Structure: Couple
Number of Children: 4
Heir: Child Number 2
Primary Income: Music (Classical)
Secondary Income: (Re-rolled due to glitch) Military
Generation Goal: Expansionist
Misc. Fun: Runs in the Family (Virtuoso)

                                     Generation Four
Traits: Athletic, Brave, Friendly, Genius, Virtuoso
Favorites: Autumn Salad, Latin, Lime
Sign: Virgo
LTW: Forensic Specialist

Generation Roll:
Marital Structure: Single Parent with help
Number of Children: 2
Heir: Child Number 2
Primary Income: Law Enforcement (Forensics)
Secondary Income: Author
Generation Goal: The Opportunist
Misc. Fun: Live Your Trait

                                       Generation Five
Traits: Ambitious, Genius, Light Sleeper, Loves the Outdoors, Workaholic
Favorites: Fish and Chips, Classical, Irish Green
Sign: Sagittarius
LTW: Renaissance Sim

Generation Roll:
Marital Structure: Second Chance
Number of Children: 3
Heir: Child Number 3
Primary Income: Freelance Scientist
Secondary Income (Partner 1): Music (Rock Star)
Secondary Income (Partner 2): Job Hopper
Generation Goal: Perfect Careers
Misc. Fun: Random Traits