Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The Harris' are dead! Long live the Harris'!

I've been particularly slack when updating the Harris' mostly because the latest saves have all become corrupted for whatever reason.  That, along with life, have sapped my motivation to continue on with this legacy.  I have, however, started a brand new legacy with the grandchildren of Harlan and Dafne.  Starting fresh seemed like the easiest option and I have to admit, the new founder really grew on me - much more-so than poor Daf and Harlan.

Anyways, the link for my new legacy can be found below.  I hope to see everyone over yonder - whether you make it over there or not, thanks for reading and sticking with my past legacies for so long.  Trust me, it was and is much appreciated. <3

The Shiny New Dean Legacy:

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