Monday, February 13, 2012

4.4.1--Ellis Revisited

Once Ellis tells her sister that she's pregnant, Dasia immediately buys stuff for the baby room.  She's become the resident house decorator since, well - no one else can be bothered with it.  She also doesn't understand the concepts of "matching" and "color clashing" - so the house is doomed to be brightly colored and incredibly mismatch.  If Ellis' future child's room is any indication, their abode (and sight) is in trouble.

Dasia also doesn't understand the concept of a secret either.  

"Huh-Hi Dad."  Ellis stammers. "Um - how are you?"

"I'm fine.  And you?"  He asks,  gesturing to her stomach. "You certainly look different." 

Ellis slumps her shoulders and leads her father into the house.  Dasia and her big stupid mouth. 

"Your sister tells us you just passed your second trimester."  Ellis nods slowly.  "So when were you going to tell us - after our grandchild was born?"

She frowns, putting her hands in the pocket of her jacket, trying to save time, but her father is still there and waiting for a response. "I don't know." Is the best answer she can muster.

Cedric pinches his nose and sighs deeply.  "Please, tell me the father knows."

When his very pregnant daughter just stares in response, like he's asked the most off-the-wall question possible, he smirks.  "Why is it you and your sister believe that keeping this from the father is somehow a good idea?"  Ellis frowns, but doesn't say anything.  "Tell him.  I'm not going to nag you about it, but just as your mother told Dasia - he deserves to know.  And if he decides that he doesn't want to be there, well then you and your child are better without him."

Ellis smiles sadly.  "Yes, daddy.  I know.  Trust me - I know."

"Good.  Now where is your sister.  I'm taking the both of you out for lunch."

"Besides the obvious, how are both of my girls doing?  Anything else that either of you need to tell me?"  Cedric tries not to push his questions, but he still has Adamaris and Uther's visit in the back of his mind.  He and Harper have been keeping their eyes open for anything odd - but there's only so much they can watch at once.  Ellis' pregnancy managed to escape them; who knows what else they've missed.

Dasia and Ellis exchange a glance, then both turn to their father and shrug.  "You already know everything that's going on with me."  Ellis answers.

Dasia nods. "Same."

"Well - just promise me that if anything... different happens, you'll let me and your mother know."  

His two daughters nod slowly, almost suspiciously.  "Is there something you're not telling us?" Dasia asks.

Cedric smiles unconvincingly. "It's nothing important.  Let's talk about something else."

The car ride home is silent.  Ellis is clearly more than a little angry with her sister, and Dasia knows it.  She sighs.  "I'm sorry, Ell.  It slipped when I was talking to mom - and you know how bad I am at this stuff."

Ellis crosses her arms and looks out the window.  "It's okay."  She finally relents.  "They had to find out some time."

They both continue on in silence for a moment, before Dasia blurts, "Was dad acting strange to you, or was it just me?"

"Not just you."  Ellis agrees.  "It's hypocritical that mom and dad are keeping secrets, but lecture us when we do the same." 

Dasia smirks.  "I think that's the meanest thing I've ever heard you say."

"Pregnancy hormones."  Ellis laughs. "I guess they're getting to me."

The baby bump - it's growing.

Ellis' stomach is an everyday reminder of what is to come, but also the person she hasn't told.  She hasn't received one call from Logan since he left, not one; and she knows that's most likely a sign right there - but her father's right.  He still should, at the very least, know that he has a child.

So she makes the call and to her surprise, he picks up and agrees to come see her as soon as she spills the news.

Within ten hours, he's at their front door.  "You certainly weren't lying."  He says, staring wide-eyed at her belly.  "It's um - the baby is mine for sure, right?"

Ellis scoffs. "Yes, Logan.  The baby is yours.  We can do a test, if you're really that suspicious."

He puts his hands up and smiles wearily. "I wasn't trying to offend you.  We just barely know each other and now we're having a kid."

Ellis frowns. "I'm having a kid, you get to do whatever you want."

If Ellis thinks he's going to run, she's sorely mistaken.  Logan pulls her into a hug, a hesitant one, but an embrace all the same.  "I'll stay, if you wish."  He can't stay forever, they both know that much, but the offer is accepted.

Another person returns home shortly after.  Pacey got his art school education and is ready to take on Meadow Glen and bring some culture to this dreary town.

Anne shows up just a few hours after he arrives to help him pack his things.  They've decided to take their relationship slow while they get things settled, which is okay for both of them.  In the meantime, Pacey is going to be moving in to a house just down the street from hers - so they can at least be close.

And off he goes...

For the remainder of her pregnancy, Logan is there.  He tries, really tries, to warm up to the idea of settling down and staying in one area - but he just can't do it.  He never saw himself doing such and even now, with a child on the way ... he just can't.  So he and Ellis drift apart.

And they agree that he should spend the rest of his time on the couch.  Despite the outcome, Ellis is just glad he's still there to help.

Here comes the heir! 

"Are you ready for this?" Ellis asks nervously.

Logan smiles. "Not really."

"Me neither."

Welcome to the world, Harlan.


A close-up of Anne - because I think she turned out lovely.

I'm going to try posting every other day, if not every day in an attempt to get this legacy finished around the time that I graduate (not possible - tooootallly not possible).  Also, because I made a pledge on another board that I frequent to write something - anything, really - every day and see how much progress I make.  I'm dividing my time between this and my short story for a contest (which will also most likely never be finished before the deadline).  Goodness - it seems like an impossible feat of terribleness! But I'm going to try.  Emphasis on the word "try."

I also want to thank everyone for reading thus far and sticking with my legacy (even when it seems like it isn't going anywhere substantial, which I promise it is).  I know I can get a bit wordy and my chapters a bit lengthy, but your guys/gals comments really make my day! So, thank you - one and all.

/sappy moment over.


  1. *Perks up* Coooontest?

    I mean oh look Logan's back. And he's at least trying! D'aaaw, what a good boy. (Break Ellis' heart and you're dead. *Srs face*)

    And yes that was directed towards Logan, not you. Although I'm still watching you.

    Cedric's face in the 6th picture made me laugh. I LOVE that expression.

  2. A creative writing contest for my state/division. One of my satires made it past preliminaries and now they want me to write something new and 4,000 words. Yeah - having a tough time with it.

    Uh - as far as the Logan thing goes; I'll just say... eep. Don't kill me. ; )

  3. I think it's nice that he wants to try and be there but, personally, I have always found that "being together for the kids" is almost as bad as "staying married because of the kids". Sure, it's honorable and admirable and when there are kids involved you try that much harder. But staying just for the sake of staying, when neither is happy, is awful. And kids are rather smart; usually they can sense stuff like that.

    *steps off her soapbox.

    Ahem...lovely chapter. Poor Cedric and Harper though. It must kill to have 4 kids, 2 grandkids, and the extensions of that to worry about.

  4. Oh dear, while I applaud Logan's attempts to do the right thing I can only see such attempts ending in misery...

  5. Yeah I agree with heaven too. And good lucky with the contest. You know we all love you :)

    1. D'aawww. Thanks LA. I <3 you (all) too. :D

  6. Yay, I'm caught up! Good luck with your contest!
    I really love your characters, they are very real.
    I'll join the agreeing with heaven club. It's nice that Logan came around to help, but staying just for the baby never works out in the end.

  7. Hmpf I still don't trust him....

    welcome to the world Harlan! Can't wait to see how pretty you are!

  8. Anne did turn out lovely, and Harlan the Heir is born! Yay! (I'm so behind! *cough*)

    Yeah, Logan seems... suspicious. I don't have much else to add...