Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Dasia gets a makeover.  She may be getting older, but there's no reason she has to look older. Although her sister's half-naked romps around the house do make her feel a bit more self conscious than she would like to admit.

As soon as she returns home, she's back to working on her latest novel about... giant talking bears or something.  Her publisher has been pushing her harder than usual for her next novel, so she feels obligated to write something - anything, to placate him for a few days.

Lachlan enjoys his new room...

What he enjoys even more is when he outsmarts a rival hacking group.  He needs to assert Simnonymous dominance somehow - and what better way than to compromise the system that another group has been planning to hack for several months.

His success makes him quite popular among the group.  So popular, in fact, that one particular member asks if they can contact him directly.  He feels weary when he says yes, and even more uncomfortable when he receives a call just a few hours later.

"I live near you -" the mystery girl starts, "- and I was wondering if you wanted to get together to help me with a particular issue I'm having with a site."

Lachlan narrows his eyes. "How do you know where I live?"

"I'm a hacker." She laughs. "It's not that difficult.  If you put some effort into it, I'm sure you could find all of my information as well - although my security measures are much more stringent than yours."

Lachlan frowns.  "I should change that."

"Yes - you should.  So, are you in?"

"Fine."  Lachlan sighs.  "Where would you like to meet?"

"Tomorrow at seven, your house.  Mine is... well, mine is not a good place and we probably shouldn't meet anywhere public. I'll see you then."

When she does show up the following day, Lachlan is surprised that she's so... hot.  

"Have you been listening at all?"  She chides.

"Not really. No." Lachlan admits. "I can't follow what you're getting at."

She quirks her brow, smiling mischievously. "Are you confused... or distracted?"

"I still don't know your name."  He blurts.  "Who are you, exactly?" Niiice cover.

"I'm an interested party looking to hire you for your services.  Except I don't have any money and this will be for fun.  And the name is Lily."  She smirks. "So - are you still in?"

"To hack the Doo Peas Corporate website?" He shakes his head.  "I still don't understand why you're doing it."

Lily shrugs. "Is there ever truly a reason behind what we do?"

"I like to think so."

"Ah."  She laughs.  "So you're one of those 'stick it to the man' types?  I'm not."  Lily shakes her head, tossing her red curls about her face and making Lachlan even more distracted than he would like. "I just do it... well, because I can."

She inches forward, brushing her hand along Lachlan's arm. "I'll ask again - are you with me?"

Lachlan blushes and nods.  "Yes."

"Good. Once I get everything set up on my end, I'll need your careful eye to look over everything and help me get into the system quietly.  I'll talk to you later then, Lachlan." She smiles and before he can grasp what exactly he just agreed to, Lily is gone.

Short chapter! I haven't had time to actually play due to... well, life - but I'll have some time this weekend to get a substantial buffer going.

I'll be the first to admit that I have absolutely no idea what I'm talking about when it comes to hacking.  I'm seriously pulling stuff from a computer science course I took over four years ago. D: Hopefully this works in my favor.

UPDATES (because I actually remembered to write everything down):
--Ellis is at level 6 with the Law Enforcement (Wiretap Reader?) and pretty darn close to her next promotion.  She's maxed her Logic, level 4 with painting (starting early), and level 6 with Athletics.
--Dasia has maxed her writing skill and has written 10 novels so far; 4 of which have been hits. 2 have been biographies (1 of Alistair before he passed, and the other of Lizzie Wells' husband), 3 have been Humor, 3 were Romance, 1 was Sci-Fi, and 1 was Trashy (lol).  She's doing pretty well; I can't remember her royalty amount, but it's significant enough to sustain them while Ellis was on maternity leave (not that they needed it).
--Lachlan has 5 Logic and 3 Charisma (not sure where the latter came from).
--Harlan has 6 Logic and nothing else as of yet.

Whew.  I think that's it.


  1. OEH!! Lachlan has a girly!! :D She's pretty :D

  2. Okay so first of all, Lily is HOT.

    Secondly, Lachlan's goanna get in deep shit for this isn't he. (Not really a question)

    Thirdly, ... babies immediately, please. I don't care if they're still teens/she's not meant for him.

  3. Oh Lachlan, I hope you know what you're getting yourself into...