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3.16--A Space To Call Our Own

Dasia returns home shaken from her encounter with the frogs that flooded the school and decides to call it an early night.  Even with the lack of evidence everyone knows who did it, Gideon being the only one clever enough to pull it off and the timing much too convenient, but no one outright blames him.  Except for Ellis.

"I can't believe you." She can't help suppressing an incredulous smile.  Gideon was too good and this was something even she didn't see coming.

"Whatever do you mean?" He asks, feigning offense.

"Don't act coy with me.  I know you set those frogs loose, everyone knows it was you."

"I would never do such a thing.  And even if it were me, they have no definitive proof.  I'm in the clear."

Ellis shakes her head. "I really hope you know what you're doing, Gideon.  If mom and dad find out, they'll have your head.  And aren't you scared of what Dasia will do in return?"

Gideon laughs. "I think it will be impossible for her to top whatever genius pulled that hilariously executed plan.  If I had done it, I would say this is officially the end of the war and I have come out victorious - again."

"I hope you're right."

"You hope I won?  I always knew you were secretly on my side."

Dasia turns away frowning. "I'm on no one's side Gideon.  I meant, I hope you're right about this stupid feud being done with."

Gideon grins. "Now where would the fun in that be?"

After Dasia comes home, the twins settle down after their birthday festivities, and Pacey is put in his crib; Harper and Cedric finally find some alone time.  

Cedric laughs. "Why are we sitting in the dark?"

"I turned the lights out so the kids think we're sleeping.  Maybe then we'll be able to get some peace without one of them running up here to tattle on someone."

"Do you think it will work?"

"I have high hopes." Harper smiles. "Listen, we need to talk.  Pacey will be a child in a few days and we don't have room for him."

Cedric sighs. "Yeah, I know.  I talked to Dasia about potentially bunking up with him and she said she was fine with it - but we need a bigger place."

"The Abbey's just moved out of their house across town; I think we might be able to afford it. We'll have to jump on it fast, though.  I have a feeling it won't stay on the market for long."

"If we can buy it tomorrow, I think we can get this place all packed and moved while the kids are at school." Cedric pauses, before adding;  "I was hoping to spend our day off in a more - romantic manner."

"Well... we still have tonight."

Cedric pulls Harper closer. "Indeed we do."

With luck, Harper and Cedric are able to secure their new house the following day.  It took some serious haggling with the realtor, but with their aggressive tactics they were able to put themselves on the market and buy it outright.

And a good thing too because just two days later, Pacey becomes a child.  

More mysterious pranks have been popping up around the school.  Gideon tries to play it cool, but he doesn't fool Duncan. 

Cedric doesn't understand his son on most days.  Gideon is the only one of his children that still remains an enigma to him, but any attempt to pick apart his thoughts leaves Cedric even more confused than he was previously.  

"So how's school going, Giddy?"

Gideon smirks. "School is - fine."

"Did you make any new friends?  Maybe a girlfriend or boyfriend?"

Gideon shrugs. "I know people."

Cedric thinks that this conversation is clearly going nowhere. "Well... thanks for the talk son -"

"- it was enlightening." He deadpans.

Gideon grins when he sees his father's expression. "No problem."

It turns out Gideon does have a boyfriend, although he would never let his parents know.  It's far too much fun being vague and keeping them guessing.

As soon as Gideon shows up to their spot, Kristofer Starr pulls him into a hug. "I feel like I haven't seen you all day."

Gideon laughs. "You haven't.  I was in the principal's office under suspicion, remember?"

Kris glares at him worriedly. "You're going to get into some serious trouble if you keep this up, Gid. Tobias told me that he overheard a couple of teachers talking about you and it wasn't good. It will get back to your parents, eventually."

"Nah.  You're paranoid.  Trust me, I have my bases covered."

Gideon can see that Kris is about to argue further, so he quickly changes the topic.  "Want to go see a movie?"

"It's really close to curfew; I'm not sure we would make it back in time."

Gideon quirks his eyebrow. "Kris, you have to live on the wild side a little.  You're too bent on keeping the rules."

"I can never understand why you like me over Tobias.  You two seem to have more in common, at least as far as the principal is concerned." Kris scoffs.

Gideon wraps his arms around Kris's waist, pulling him closer. "I'm with you because I like you.  I like that you're a goody-goody on most occasions, but still know when to have fun.  I like that you mellow me out when I get temperamental.  I just - like you."  Gideon smiles.  "Now how about that movie?"

Ignore the pixelated mess.  My graphics card SUCKS.

As soon as the boys make their way over, there is a cop patrolling the area looking for delinquents.  They hoped they were sneaky enough to stay out sight, but she spotted them in no time.  

Gideon lies to the cop telling her that Kris works at the theater and he just got off his shift, and although she doesn't believe him fully, lets Kris off with a warning.  And so, Gideon takes the fall.

And what a fall it ends up being.  Cedric is waiting at the front door for his son to return the moment he gets the call from the policewoman.  "What were you doing out so late?! And don't lie to me; not right now."

Gideon lets his anger play across his face, before replying.  "I just wanted to see a movie.  I was going to come home right after - dad." He adds sarcastically.

"And with that bout of disrespect added to the list; you're officially grounded Gideon.  No TV, no computer, no video games, and no friends for the next week.  Do you understand?" Gideon purses his lips and nods curtly. "Good. Now go to your room.  I've had it for tonight."

Gideon goes to his room and smirks.  "He didn't say I couldn't play the drums."

Smashing his drum set does help him calm down a bit, with the added bonus of annoying everyone else in the house.  If he is going to be grounded, he's going to make damn sure to spread his misery.  

Things continue in the Harris household as normal, despite Gideon's recent run-in with the law.  Dasia is still not talking to Gideon after her prom fiasco and everyone else is preoccupied with life, so she spends her time polishing her writing skills.

Ellis and Pacey develop a bond.  He's more reclusive than their siblings and doesn't like socializing, so he only plays with select people in the household.  Ellis never asks too many questions and seems to genuinely enjoy her time with him; Pacey decides he likes her the best.

Harper purchases a few new songs from the bookstore.  She has since moved up in her career and is finding that her guitar skills are a bit rusty compared to her coworkers.  She and Cedric stay home in shifts to make sure Gideon adheres to his punishment, so she uses any time that she has alone to practice away from the home and away from the stress.  

The combination of playing new music and being outside makes her a little over-excited; but also a town spectacle.  Before she knows it, she's drawing crowds that are entranced by her both her music and her erratic guitar playing.

Cedric also uses his off time to get out of the house.  He finds the gym to be a relaxing place and running to be the perfect way to work off aggression.

The night before Dasia's birthday, Gideon is finally released from his punishment.  Harper pats him gently on the shoulder; "Me and your father discussed it and we think you've served your time.  Please, next time you feel you are going to be late; give us a call.  We weren't necessarily angry that you broke curfew, but that we didn't know where you were."  Harper brushes his hair back from his face. "I've lost family members before, I don't want to lose any of you kids as well."

Gideon's curiosity sparks, his mother never talks about her past; but suppresses his want to ask questions. For once, his guilt outweighs any other emotion and he simply nods. "Okay, mom.  Next time, I'll give you and dad a heads up."

Dasia's birthday party is scheduled the next afternoon.  Duncan's birthday was the previous day and Lizzie still had seven days until hers, so it was decided that since Lizzie was so far behind, Duncan and Dasia would celebrate their newfound adulthood without her the night of graduation.

Dasia relishes her freedom already.

After a week of being separated, Gideon not having his phone, and only being able to socialize at school; Kris finally gets the opportunity to thank Gideon for saving his ass properly.

That's certainly one way of thanking someone, Kristofer. These two are seriously adorable together. *swoon*

Dasia wakes up extra early the next morning to get a makeover before her graduation.  She knows her parents are probably going to hate it, but she feels more herself and less like a child.

Pink, purple, and blue hair? Yes, please!

Dasia was hoping to spring her new look on her family as a surprise, but it turns out Gideon and Ellis were already awake.  Dasia sighs reluctantly and joins her siblings on the couch.  "You guys were supposed to be asleep." She chides.

"Yeah, well - mom apparently went into our bedroom and set our alarm clocks to seven to make sure we woke up on time for your graduation.  I'm locking my bedroom from now on."

Gideon doesn't say anything for a moment and instead gazes at his sister's new hair.  "I hate your hair." He states simply.

Dasia smirks. "I hate your face."

Ellis laughs to herself quietly. "Well at least you two are talking again."

This chapter was supposed to cover Dasia's graduation and night out with Duncan as well, but it was getting a bit lengthy; so I cut it short.

Totaling the chapters between this legacy and the Dennis'; I'm at 40 chapters. WHHHAAA? When did that happen?  Seriously though; it took me forever to get here. : /

More than a few people have shown interest in Dasia (and I'm excited to hear it!) and I just wanted to add that she is located in the Random Legacies Sims' blog for everyone to enjoy... or murder.  Ya' know; whatever floats your boat.

I forgot to write down his traits. I'll get to those next age-up. : /

Other than that, no new updates to share as of yet.  Things are moving along swimmingly.

Also, I'm 23 today guys! :D


  1. Great chapter. I love Gideon's deliquincy. And that he took the fall so Kris wouldn't get in trouble. =D
    Dasia grew up gorgeous. I really look forward to seeing what happens with her and Duncan.

  2. G! Seriously, I wonder where he gets his attitude from! Poor Cedric and Harper!

    That mugshot of Pacey is just cute! :D

    Congratulations on your birthday Giga! :D I wish you a fun day!

  3. Gideon is seriously my favourite ever <3. (And we both know he picked Kristopher for his ass. Tobias just can't compare) They're so adorable together! And I loved how Gideon took the fall when they were out past curfew. It shows that he really does have a heart!

    I love Dasia's sweater <3. And her hair is (as always) awesome.

  4. Awwww Gideon and Kristopher are flippen adorable together :)


    Dasia's sense of style is just fantastic~

    And I love seeing Sims with ridiculously strong features. In some cases they're almost unattractive, but when you start piecing them all together and really getting familiar with them chapter after chapter it all starts to come together in one gorgeous package.

  6. Whew! Finally have time to reply.

    Melissa and Klev: Gideon is certainly a troublemaker (autonomously to boot). He basically booby trapped the entire house when I wasn't watching him and hasn't done one ounce of homework since childhood. That boy, I swear. ; )

    Cece: He toootally picked Kris for his ass, and his eyes. That superficial little ...

    LA: I know right?

    Alma: Thanks for reading!! I'm glad you like Dasia's new style - I was a bit iffy about it. And I totally agree with you about the strong features. Gideon and Ellis have some features that worry me every time they age up; but I fall in love with them all over again once I flesh out their characters.

    And thanks for the birthday wish Klev!

  7. D'awwwww. Just to echo everybody else's sentiment, Gideon and Kris are freakin' adorable. <3