Friday, January 6, 2012


The twins celebrate their birthdays.  Ellis is first up, being the eldest of the two.

She's not sure how she feels about this whole "growing up" shin-dig.

Next up is Gideon, who is way more excited than his sister.

He's now old enough to annoy his siblings - he likes this new development.

Right after the kiddos age up, so does Cedric.  He won't admit it out loud, but he's beginning to feel his age.

Look at that pout.

With the twins aging up, Dasia finds that she almost always has a permanent playmate.  

Unfortunately, after the stunts Gideon pulled the previous morning (booby trapping the shower and picking a fight with Dasia), his sisters aren't exactly excited to play with him. 

"Giddy; if you turn into a bully at school, I'll still beat you up.  You're my brother, but that doesn't change things." Dasia chides.

Ellis squirms a bit, uncomfortable with the sibling rivalry that has suddenly sprung up between the two since their birthday. "Can't you guys stop fighting, please?"

Dasia gives Gideon the evil eye before finally relenting to Ellis' wish. "Fine.  But I'm not playing with him."

Ellis looks between the two, wringing her hands nervously and Gideon smirks.  "It's okay, El.  Go play with Dumb-sia."  He laughs when Dasia gives him an angry pout and stalks off in the direction of the park without a final word. 

Gideon- 1, Dasia- 0

Ellis shakes her head. "Why do you keep bugging her?"

"Because you're too much of a baby to pick on and Dasia is the oldest."

"That's not a good enough reason."

"It's good enough for me." Gideon shrugs before going into the house. 

Ellis and Dasia discover that they love ice-cream as much as their mother.  

When Dasia drops her ice-cream on the floor, she hears a loud "Looks like Dumb-sia is a butterfingers!" from the kitchen. 

"You little twerp!" Dasia runs toward the house.  Ellis listens for the scuffle between her siblings and her father's umpteenth grounding of the two in the last couple of days before heading back inside; all the while shaking her head sadly.

When things quiet down a few hours later, the kids all gather on the couch.  Ellis decides to break the fuming silence between the two; "So how long are you both grounded for?"

"Three days." Gideon states proudly.

Dasia glares in his direction. "Yeah, and I got five because I'm older and 'should know better.' Thanks a lot for that, by the way."

Gideon smirks. "Gideon wins again!"

"If you weren't my brother, I'd-"

Ellis interrupts before the situation gets worse. "What's school like 'Sia?"

Dasia reluctantly turns from Gideon's self-satisfied grin to Ellis' more serious grimace.  "It's fun.  There aren't a lot of mean kids after me and Lizzie did our sweep -" she gives Gideon a quick warning glare; before turning back to her sister, "- and the teachers are nice.  You'll like it."

Gideon smiles and rubs his hands together mischievously. "I can't wait!"

"Neither can I." Dasia adds sarcastically.

As usual, I'm just naming the chapter after the song I'm playing at the moment.

So Harper is officially my most downloaded Sim, beating out even Mya and Adamaris.  Pretty surprising, but also pretty cool. 

I've run into an internet issue, so any new chapters between now and late January will be written by me, but published by my cousin.  So everyone say hello to Sammalammadingdong (aka Sammy Davis Jr. aka Samantha). She's going to hate me for this...


  1. Oh what a brat! That Gideon! He reminds me of my (older) sister though, but she always had a better way of doing it, she'd just slap me, and if i'd slap back she'd started yelling and tell our parents......I always got punished, cause they never believed me :(

    And welcome Sammy hehe :D

  2. LOL, I remember the crap my little sister used to pull on me. And the things I used to do to fuck with her head. Good times.
    Great chapter!

    Hello Samantha!

  3. Yay, I love when bloggers elaborate on the childhood times of their sims. =) The child stage is one of my favorites.

  4. Gideon <3 The little troll makes me smile.

    My middle sister gets blamed for all the shit the three of us do, my youngest sister only gets in trouble when she's lazy, and I get away with murder. ^^

  5. Gideon is such a brat, he reminds me of some of the stunts my sisters used to pull on me

  6. Such a realistic relationship... growing up is hard work :P

  7. I love Dasia. I hope she gets even with her bratty brother. =)

    I agree with Tamlyn. The relationships are so realistic!