Monday, December 19, 2011

3.12--Sprouts & Roots

Dasia becomes a child.

And as if that doesn't create enough of a space problem for the Harris', the twins grow into toddlers just two days later.

The day after Ellis ages up, she receives a doll in the mail by one of Cedric's estranged family members.
Cedric can't understand why only one was sent when they clearly had two children (or how they got his address in the first place), but he gives it to her anyway.

She names him Knob and grows close to him...

...REALLY close.  

If her crazy eyes are any indication, that is.

Ellis also grows close to her older sister; so much so that she decides to play in her room at all hours. EVERY.DAY.  Dasia has since learned to leave a few toys on the floor to distract her enough while she sleeps.

Dasia survives her first couple days of school and manages to make a new friend in Lizzie Wells.  They had both gotten in trouble the day before for fighting a school bully and protecting another student, but were given a free pass from the principal once she learned of the situation; so long as they promised to tell a teacher before budding in next time.  Little did she know that Dasia and Lizzie were lying when they both agreed to her terms.

From that moment forward, Lizzie and Dasia go to each other's houses to plan their strategy.  "We should form a team." Dasia whispers.

Lizzie smiles. "Like superheroes." 

"Do we have to wear stupid tights and capes?" Lizzie asks.

"Well, I do have my ballet tights." Dasia offers.

They both take a moment to picture it, them fighting off bullies in tutu's and ballet slippers, and start laughing at the ridiculousness of it.  "No." Dasia says, "I think I'll just wear my regular clothes."

"Me too." Lizzie agrees.

Being a superhero makes Dasia believe she can do anything.  She can be an astronaut, like her father is working for, or maybe a famous musician, like her mom.  She shakes her head and decides that she's too young to pick just one career.  Playing pretend is much simpler; she can be anything she wants to be without having to actually grow up and work, after all. 

Harper finally gets a promotion and Cedric decides to take her out for a celebration.  So Cedric calls a babysitter and they head over to the local pub.

"You suck at this, sweetheart." Cedric laughs as Harper misses the board.

"Shut up.  I'm concentrating." 

Her darts litter the surrounding wall, not one of them actually hitting the mark she was aiming for. "Goddamn! You would think having instrumental dexterity would help, but no! Of course not."

Cedric laughs. "Let me show you how it's done."

Cedric manages to win all three games, leaving Harper in frustration. "You're such a sore loser." He muses.

"Nah-uh.  Don't pin that solely on me.  Remember when we played chess and you lost those two games and then made up some lame excuse to leave the game early?  What was it you had to do again? Re-read some report for work?" Harper smirks.

"Nope.  I don't remember this losing streak you speak of."

Harper smiles sarcastically. "Wanna see if we can re-create the scenario with a nice, friendly game of Shuffle Board?"

Cedric rubs his hands together. "You sure? What if I'm amazing at this game too?"

"Oh it's on now." Harper laughs. "I need to bring you down a few pegs."

After Harper's multiple wins at Shuffle Board, they go home convinced that they had each proven themselves worthy opponents. 

"Just so you know-" Cedric smiles as he pulls Harper into a kiss. "-I totally let you win that last one." 

This belated, plot-less chapter is brought to you by:
--The Ico Jello Wrestling Team
--Buckley: the motivational speaker

On a serious note: thanks Melissa and Colleen for making me laugh. : D I needed it. 

*Ahem* The obligatory close-up's

She gained the Virtuoso trait.

Traits: Brave, Friendly, Virtuoso

Traits: Brave, Evil, Virtuoso

So I've encountered a glitch with the IF's.  Dasia never received one and neither did Gideon, but Ellis did. However, Knob (the IF) turned into a mega creeper when Ellis aged up to a child.  The way he walked and watched Ellis reminded me of the dolls from the "Night Terrors" episode of Doctor Who and I was not havin' that AT.ALL.  So I deleted him.  Poor fella'.

--Cedric is at Level 5 with the Military (Flight Officer) and Level 8 with both Athletics and Handiness.
--Harper is at Level 9 with Guitar.

One more kid to go and I'm done with that roll. Thank the fraking gods.  


  1. xD Harper and Cedric crack me up. They're adorable. And I'm so happy they don't seem to ever be growing up. It warms my heart to see Harper so happy.

    Dasia is just beautiful and the twins are so cute! I can't wait to see them when they're older.

    (And I totally get what you mean about the IF doll. Its pretty terrifying)

  2. Awww, this chapter filled me with warm fuzzies.

  3. Harper and Ced are wonderful together. I love Dasia and her friend teaming up against bullies.
    IFs are totally creepy. When I had Zhenzhen, she'd follow Li Feng everywhere, including into the bathroom. Then Li Feng would get the 'embarassed' moodlet, and never actually completely take care of the bladder motive.
    Never again. If I get one of those dolls, I delete it right away. Ugh.

  4. I hope the crazy eyes don't mean the IF has influenced her at all. Lol. I had the opposite glitch and never realized it til Faolin aged up... he has 8... EIGHT IFs! Thank god he never playedwith any enough. Id have an army O.o

  5. That's not a glitch, actually. If you mean only one kid getting one, it's supposed to be random whether you do and EA didn't make it clever enough to realize sending a toy to only one kid in a family is weird. If you mean the creepy IF stalking...that was intentional too. >_>

  6. Huh. That's odd; every child in the Dennis Legacy received an IF (not that I friggin' wanted one... those things are scary). I figured it was a glitch seeing as how almost none of the chilluns have gotten one recently. *shrug* Oh well, this one thing I am seriously okay with EA fudging. I don't want more than one. DO.NOT.WANT. Thanks Zokugai for letting me know anyhow. XD

    Cece: Nope. Never gonna grow up. NEVER. ;)

    Melissa: I started deleting them back in gen. 2 or so of the Dennis' because they just looked creepy; but good god. They get progressively worse.

    Maddie: the thought of a potential IF army is nightmare fuel, for serious. D: I hope Faolin wasn't too traumatized. LOL.

  7. The competitiveness between Harper & Cedric on their date is so cute, as are the kids :)

    I never thought of those dolls in connection with the IF's but I'm now quite creeped out...

  8. <3

    Great chapter. For realsies. The kids are adorable, and I will never get tired of Harper and Cedric. They crack me up!

    I. Want. More! =D

  9. Did you really had to mention that episode? Now I can't look atty those dolls any more!

    As for receiving them, I downloaded a mod that adjusts the chance percentage if getting them :)

  10. Oh! And I just realised I'm up to date now! I was so hooked to the sorry I didn't even noticed I reached the last chapter..........I need updates!

    And forgot to mention that dasia has a lovely face, looks classical I think, gorgeous