Wednesday, December 7, 2011


Before Harper and Cedric know it, Dasia is suddenly a toddler.

Mother, daughter bonding.

Harper can't tell if Dasia's expressing her disgust for learning, or is going to need a diaper change soon.

Uther wasn't sure how he'd relate with a child, being his first time around one outside of school in many years, but he quickly grows fond of her.  She's a better roommate than Cedric; so that's a positive.

I need to re-download the CC I lost. The toddler hair selection is HORRIBLE. Also:  /end spam

Dasia's rapid growth makes Harper and Cedric realize that they need to expand the house if they are going to have enough room.  So they gather what little they get from their paychecks and build an upstairs master suite. Their old room will eventually be refurbished for Dasia.

"Do you think it's done?" Cedric asks.

Harper smirks. "Done or not, it's all we can afford."

"So, the hallway and balcony are still unfinished; but we can worry about that after we get the new room set up for 'Sia.  I think we have maybe 500 dollars left in our back account and bills are due sometime this week, and-"

Harper interrupts. "Babe, don't worry.  Everything will work out.  Besides, I see a brand new bed that hasn't been used yet and Uther is taking care of our lovely daughter for us tonight; I think we should take advantage of the opportunity."

Cedric smiles and then raises his hand to her cheek. "You're right."

Is she taking advantage of their alone time, or taking advantage of Cedric? You decide.


The familiar nauseousness plagues Harper just a couple days later. "Well..." she sighs, "looks like I'll be taking more time off from work."

Cedric gets the news before he heads off to the base.  He's elated, but nervous.  Their house is already full and their bank account depleted; adding more kids will be a strain.  But it's what he wants, what they both want.  "Hopefully that promotion goes through." He mutters.

Harper gets a different response from Uther.

"There's no need to tell me..." Uther says, breaking the silence; "I can sense them before you can."

"Them?" Harper gasps. "We're having more than one?!"

Uther nods. "Two to be exact."

They fall back into silence as Harper contemplates birthing two kids at once.  Uther lets her have a moment, before continuing; "I received a correspondence from Lord Vincent last night."

Harper frowns. "Let me guess; another lunatic blood sucker has found out about me and we need to flee."

"Nothing so exciting, I assure you." 

"You wouldn't have brought it up unless it contained something that I need to know."

Uther laughs. "True.  The letter was mostly for me.  I will be turning into a full vampire soon and I won't be able to control my... well, you know.  Lord Vincent has deemed it safe for me to return to the clan and for you to return to your life without our interference."

"What? I thought... well, I assumed that you liked it well enough here to stay.  Dasia considers you her Uncle and we all like having your surly ass around."  Harper inwardly chastises herself for getting too close; she always knew he would someday leave and now she's too damn attached for it not to hurt.

Uther gazes at Dasia playing on the floor.  He would never admit it out loud, but he was beginning to hope that his stay would be permanent; that something else would arise and keep him here.  "It's not a matter of whether I'm wanted, it's a matter of whether I'm needed. And you, all of you, don't need me anymore." He sighs. "There's also the matter of me turning; I cannot and will not risk endangering anyone by staying.  No, Lord Vincent has called me back and I must obey."

"When are you leaving?"

"I do not know yet.  I feel myself slowly growing more powerful every day though, so soon."

Harper looks dejected as she gazes at Uther. "Can you promise to stay until after I give birth?  I want them to be able to say goodbye to their Uncle."

"We shouldn't have let this happen.  I was to watch over you all, not become apart of the family." 

"Promise me." She interjects.

Uther smiles weakly. "I promise that I will stay as long as I can."


Uther stays true to his word, but when his abilities become too difficult for him to control; he knows it is time to leave.

He originally planned to sneak out in the night while everyone was asleep, leaving no trace behind; but knew that it would be unfair to go without some word of goodbye.  So he lingers to write a quick goodbye letter. As he sets the letter on his bed, he's surprised to find Dasia sitting up in her crib and staring at him. He moves toward the door, hoping to get a clean getaway, but her muttered "Unc Ootie" brings him back.

He picks her up and hugs her tight. "Goodbye 'Sia. Maybe I'll see you again someday." He kisses her lightly on the forehead and then reluctantly places Dasia back in her crib.  As soon as she falls back asleep, he finally makes his way toward the front door.

No second glance is spared once Uther's outside.  "This portion of my life is over," he sighs; "it's time to move on."  And as he leaves, he hopes that Harper can do the same.


Cedric wakes the next morning to find a note on Uther's bed.  It's addressed to Harper, so he leaves it for her to find.  The unmade bed, the letter, and Uther's lack of presence all add up however, and Cedric knows that he is gone.

Harper joins them downstairs a few hours later. "Uther left a note for you on his bed..." Cedric starts.

Harper sighs. "He left, didn't he?"

Cedric motions his head toward Uther's old room. "I think he wanted to tell you in his own words, sweetheart.  It's on his pillow."

Harper walks into Uther's room and frowns when she sees the small, folded note.  With a heavy sigh, she gingerly unfolds it and begins to read:

I apologize for leaving so suddenly, but I have never been particularly good at these situations.  I hope you consider my promise fulfilled as I did attempt to remain as long as possible.  However, I am quickly becoming more dangerous to be around and I feel it is best that I go while I still have my faculties.  Send my regards to Cedric and Dasia.  I will, if Lord Vincent allows it, write to you all when I can.  
I feel it my duty to leave you with some parting advice.  For one, don't let past experiences dictate your future choices.  You love each other Harper, so what is holding you back from taking that next step?  Secondly, learn to forgive.  It is only through this that you will truly heal and come to terms with what happened.  Now that I know what it feels like to be separated from those I care about, I think I can relate to how Adamaris and Lord Vincent feel.  Please give them a proper chance; they are your family, after all.  Now that I have adequately written down what I hope is a successful guilt trip, all I have left to say is be happy and live your life to fullest. I will be very cross if you do neither.  
                         Your favorite 12-year-old.

When she finishes, she folds the letter again and places it on the nightstand, before heading back into the living room.

"Are you all right?" Cedric asks cautiously.

Harper nods and then settles onto the couch.  Her silence is an indication to Cedric that she doesn't want to talk about it, so he heeds her wish.

And as Harper watches him play with their daughter, she realizes that Uther is right.  She's let too many things hold her back from embracing what she has right in front of her.

So, a couple days later when she welcomes their new daughter (Ellis) and their son (Gideon) into the world; she resolves to fix her mistake.

"Ask me again." She says.

Cedric smiles, confused. "Ask you what, babe?"

She laughs and then caresses his cheek lightly. "To marry you."

And just like that, the Harris' are now official.

I forgot to write down Ellis and Gideon's traits, so I'll have to put that in the next update.  Ellis was technically second born, so she will be heir.

Okay, on to the good stuff: The house they are in is only a 20x10, so there's not much I can do as far as a mega expansion for their generation goal.  However, I am building a new house from scratch for a later move (that is needed; way too many sims!), so...  yeah.  Expansionist fulfilled as far as I'm concerned.  I hope I'm not breaking any more rules. 0_0   

--Cedric is at Level 4 with the Military (Squad Leader) and lookin' snazzy is his new uniform.
--Harper is at Level 3 with the Music Career (Stagehand).


  1. D : Uther! Nuuuu. I'll miss him too much! You can't just- I mean... DANGIT GIGA!

    Tell me what character will NOT be getting off'd or gone, will ya? I'm tired of having my heart broken. It huuurts.

    (That said, I'm happy the Harris' are finally official, and I can't wait to see the twins.)

  2. Great chapter!
    I loved Uther's goodbye letter.
    And yay for Harper and Cedric being official!
    My opinion on expansionist is that in earlier generations when you aren't filthy rich, the fact that you blew your whole wad on building a new room counts for the goal.

  3. Cece: Ha. I can tell you with complete confidence that no one is *planned* to leave in the next generation. Uther was actually an unplanned move as well; we were running out of room so I let him go. Ah well.

    Melissa: Oh thank goodness. I was having a tough time expanding the house period (with so little room to expand) and basically no funds; so I'm glad that one is considered done and done. : )

  4. Great chapter Giga. Poor Uther, my personal favorite 12-year-old. <3 I will miss him!

    The proposal was so sweet, and Dasia is just adorable! Gotta love the pic spam!