Tuesday, November 29, 2011

3.8--This Modern Love

After spending the last week sleeping in and being generally lazy, Cedric and Harper realize that their funds are quickly running out.  Harper's guitar playing on street corners and Uther's after school job at the bookstore aren't bringing in enough money for them to eat and pay the rent.

Harper knows where she's going to apply; the theater.  She read in the paper of some local bands hiring for "talent" (which she knew was code for lackey or gaffer), but it might help her make her mark in the business. So she sucks up her pride and pretends to be a congenial person for the sake of the interview.

Cedric's choice of career is simply picked as a last resort.  He searched mercilessly and asked around for any openings in the fire station, but they were full up.  Unfortunately for him, the only other option that he's most qualified for and offers the most stability is the Military.  After a long and very morbid introspection (one which Cedric was bored with before it even started), he decides to take the job.  His inner-hippie is going to loathe every minute of it.

Is it me or does Cedric look fat-faced here? 0_0

Harper and Cedric still haven't moved their relationship forward.  Cedric is afraid of pushing her away if he's too aggressive and Harper is terrified of entering a relationship period; but the former has met his breaking point.  He doesn't want to be just friends any longer and if that means being repeatedly rejected until he gets what he wants, well... he's marginally ready for it.

So one night while Harper practices a few songs, Cedric blurts a nervous; "Do you want to go on a date with me?" He feels like he is back in high school.  If this were anyone else, he'd think the awkwardness of this situation was comedy gold.

Harper puts her guitar down and stares at Cedric. "Are you sure you want to go there with me? I mean... when I kissed you last week; I wasn't trying to push you into anything, so don't feel obligated. Plus, I'm not entirely sure that life with me will be 'normal' or 'stable,' given who I'm related to."

"Normalcy and stability are boring.  I want you."

Harper blushes. "Well, when you put it that way..."

Before she knows it, Harper is quickly becoming one of those love-struck idiots she used to make fun of.  She doesn't mind; Harper's already aware she's a hypocrite.

Despite this being her first time, Harper's not shy when leading Cedric to her bed...

...Or the shower the next morning. 


The following Monday marks Harper's first day of work.  After her weekend with Cedric, she realizes she would much rather lounge with him in bed all day than listen to whiny rock star's play shitty music.

"Don't worry," Marcela states when Harper audibly scoffs as they pulled out from her driveway, "the first day isn't so bad.  Just don't criticize them openly and pretend to be interested when they flirt and you'll be fine."

Harper doesn't say anything, but has a sinking feeling she won't last the week if that's sound advice.

Harper getting ice-cream before another long shift at work.

She practices the guitar any chance she gets.  Leliana Theirin, her boss, caught her one night practicing on one of the guitars during tuning backstage and promised her a promotion if she worked on her craft a bit more.  

"Granted, the only position we have right now is a roadie opportunity with another local band." Leliana added.

Harper shook her head and was about to turn down the offer, before Leliana interrupted. "Don't dismiss it yet. We all have to start somewhere and I would really hate to see someone with talent stagnate at your level. Plus," she added with a wink, "we do need some more beauty in this industry." Leliana stopped talking to stare at Harper intently. "It's a shame they keep dressing you in rags though.  I keep petitioning for new uniforms, but to no avail..."

Harper shifted uncomfortably under her gaze.  She had never taken compliments well; even from one of her own sex. She coughed, bringing Leliana back on-track. "I apologize. I always get a bit distracted when it comes to our uniform issues.  Just promise me you'll consider the promotion, okay?"

Harper does consider it when she returns home and decides that, if nothing else, it will get her away from the leering band members she currently works with.  If she's called doll-face one more time, she might have a lawsuit on her hands.

Cedric finally gets the motivation to fix the toilet.  Harper's not aware that her taking a shower just at that moment is the extra push Cedric needs to get started.  "Ya' know," he muses; "I could get used to being productive if you just walked around naked more often."

Harper laughs. "You would think that would be counterproductive."

"Don't spout your logic at me." He smiles.

After a very lengthy "discussion," the couple decides to merge bedrooms (and beds).  There's no point in Cedric sleeping with her while all his junk is still in his shared room with Uther.

Uther revels in the space that is now his.  Cedric isn't a bad roommate per se, but he does snore loudly and talk in his sleep.  "Now it's Harper's problem", he smirks. 

And while Uther is spending the morning moving the room around to his liking...

The toy chest isn't in the background.  It's all an illusion.

...Harper is contemplating the moving contents of her stomach.  


Harper giving her ice-cream the side glance.

Cedric checking out Harper's rear.

Bea leaving one of her many spawn in the parking lot... again. 0_0

--Don't let her fool you; Harper is still emo.


  1. *hugs Harper*

    I struggle a bit with writing for the military career.

  2. D'aaaw. I'm so happy Ced and Harper are moving things up a level <3. I take it we'll finally be getting to see those babies everyone's been waiting months for? : D

  3. Becky: Me too. It's been a challenge, to say the least; especially with Ced.

    Cece: Don't you know it! XD Although, I'm not sure how pretty they are as of yet and I'm starting to wonder if Harper somehow cheated while I wasn't paying attention with one of them... If it didn't have Ced's red hair, I might have written in a paternity test plot.

  4. Yeah, I have the same issue with the military career.
    I'm so happy Ced and Harper are together at last.

    And for minute there I thought Leliana was going to compliment Harper's hair. You know where that always leads...

  5. Ha... I was so tempted; you have no idea. XD

  6. I hope Cedric takes the news of Harper's pregnancy well. Also, LOL at the paternity test idea. You should use that in a future plot line. : P

    Bea! Gosh, you're such a failure. =) I would love to see pictures of her and Foster's kiddos some day, if you ever get a chance to snap a photo or 2.

  7. Oh, I'm actually in the process of that. There's a couple that have been tough to track down so I'll have to switch to her house to get 'em... But THIS.IS.HAPPENING. ; )

  8. Yesss Bea leaving her kids everywhere is not just in my game. That's hilarious!

    I'm excited to see Harper/Cedric spawn, even if you're unsure they look all that great. I bet they'll age beautifully! I've had multiple kids look meh as kids but pretty as adults.

  9. Thanks Maddie! I needed the encouragement. And you're lying; I've not seen one sim in your legacy look meh. *finger waggle* They've all been beautiful.

  10. The catch up has begun, and yours was randomly chosen as the first :)

    (Going back a bit here but figured I may as well put it all on the one comment).

    First, last chapter of the Dennis Legacy was very sad - both for Adamaris for feeling like that and for her family who obviously didn't.

    Did they contact Olive and Feng at all or in their view has the rest of the family disappeared off the face of the earth as well? (Though I guess Olive would be in danger too).

    Loved the development of Cedric and Harper's relationship (and the romantic in me made sad faces that we missed a good deal of the original flirting in between chapters! ;p)

    This spawn is red headed, obviously, but if it had gotten Harper's blonde hair, would you have changed it to her natural colour?

  11. Great questions! *rubs hands together* Let's see...

    --Vittoria was really only after whoever Ada was closest with, which was Corrigan and Harper. And seeing how Corrigan is of the dead permanently variety; that just leaves Harper. The other vamps are interested only in half-breeds (or partial breeds in Harper's case) that can still reproduce (and thus spread the blood), so that again just leaves Harper since Olive is an Elder by this point. As far as contact goes between Harper and her parents; I'm still cooking that one up. :/ For now, contact is nil for their protection.

    --I'm glad you liked it. There will be plenty more flirting in future chapters. I promise.

    --That is a good question. I was banking on at least one of her kids getting the blonde hair (for variety since all of the spawn have had dark hair so far), but to no avail. I guess if had happened, I would have kept it even though it technically isn't accurate. *shrug*

    Thanks for commenting! And I hope to see you around more often... it's been a while. ; )